Thursday, July 19, 2012

Globalization And Implications

Hi. Let’s talk on globalization.
To some people globalization is a jargon . Globalization is interpreted differently to deferent people. Of course this is normal because people ‘sees’ it from the context he or she is in. I looked in Oxford dictionary to get general meaning about global and it means “the whole world”. Well, we all understand, all countries encompass the whole world, then how come globalization is defined as “world without border”? Does border ceased to exist? Do Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the rest have no border? Of course no. We are not talking about geographical border – borders define the sovereignty of a country. You see, the word border symbolize barrier. Think what happen when you across border, who do you, meet? immigrations, custom, police – you have to pass through to all these people; and these I mean as barrier. This may discourage you to go to other country. Beside people, distance can be considered as physical barrier. What happened if these barriers can be removed? Of course mobility of people and goods will be greatly increased. Globalization is about mass flow of people and goods (tangible) and information (intangible) currency (can be physical and cyber).

So, globalization is related to mobility, from perspective of medicine, we talk about the spread of diseases (remember H1N1 spread?). From perspective of International Business, it can be referred products, capitals, services and labor. And we can define globalization as increase mobility of goods, capital, labor and services that transact to various countries.

In the era of globalization we experience change; some may benefit and some in forms of consequences. Agree? Well, it depends on which lens you are looking to. I think it is good to discuss this issue as a starting point. Let’s hear from you now. You are free to leave your opinion.


Noordin Yahaya


  1. group: aras 9(BBAF2D)

    from our opinion, there is true about some got benefit and the consequence from what they have done...but nowadays eventhough we try to practise to make "world without border" by understand other country's cultural, respect their religion but for some country they does not respect one country such as like conflict between Palestine and Israel..their conflict made muslim and jewish figthing for each other.....
    from my friend experience when she went to united kingdom for study, people around her underestimate and bullied her because of she is asian..they can not accept her and make her be friend with only asian student.

    from that we can see even we try to get along with them the response is not what we expect..

  2. Salam

    from our opinion, we agree that there have benefit and the consequence... the country that have good enough in financial may be there do not have any barries for communicate by using new technology.. but for country not good enough in financial may be there have a barries for bring their country to standing same level with other country such as America.
    like u said globalization is world without borders.. its bring 2 perspective which is positive and negative...
    the positive perspective is two country or more, can change or communicate in a minute by using email, forums, blogs and etc... they can change idea... but in business we can see that.. one parties can buy from other business in other country just visit their web site....
    from negative perspective such as H1N1... its start from other country but that virus spread to our country fastly...
    that all from our group...

    Group : "Guns 'N' Rose" (BBAF2D)

  3. salam,

    from our opinion, we think that globalization cant be removed because of the improvement of technology. when globalization exist, it is easy to connect from one country to other country using internet, video conference and many more. there positive and negative consequences through globalization. the positive consequences is give chances to other company to expand their business in the international markets. besides that, when there are many company exist, they will provide many job vacancy to public.
    the negative consequences is the culture of one company cannot easily suit with other country.for instance, when America company make a business in Malaysia, local people that work with their company must follow the rules and regulation made by America, when our local worker work at Japan or France, they need to learn and speak using their language.


  4. salam,

    from our opinion, we think that globalization cant be removed because of the improvement of technology. when globalization exist, it is easy to connect from one country to other country using internet, video conference and many more. there positive and negative consequences through globalization. the positive consequences is give chances to other company to expand their business in the international markets. besides that, when there are many company exist, they will provide many job vacancy to public.
    the negative consequences is the culture of one company cannot easily suit with other country.for instance, when America company make a business in Malaysia, local people that work with their company must follow the rules and regulation made by America, when our local worker work at Japan or France, they need to learn and speak using their language.


  5. salam...first of all, we are agree with what you had posted and all the comments…before we have learn about globalization, we had heard about globalization and world without borders but we do not know the exactly definition about it... now, we are understand and we can see some effects of the globalization…There are some pros and cons such as, our country have different people from different race, religion and belief…but on the other hand, there are some people come to our country without using the right way (immigration, custom and others)..That is not good to our country bcoz they would bring their life style here and some Malaysian will follow what they have done…world without borders also help company in Malaysia become more successful by spread out their business to other country with many ways…for example, they can open their branches to other country and cooperate with the people from that country…furthermore, the consequence was a global search for markets, inexpensive labor and production costs, and natural resources, leading to rapid industrialization of Third World countries and the international spread of technology…we think there are so many advantages and disadvantages of globalization…what we already comment in the above is what we can see after study about this topic…however, we do not write it all here…that's all our opinion...thank you…by [EXORA BBAF2D]

  6. salam.. before we talk further regarding this globalisation issue,we must understand the real definition of globalisation.globalisation can be defined as the changes in society and the world economy that are result of dramatically increased trade and cultural exchange.back to this discussion,we would like to response the post made by group "aras 9" regarding the issue about her friend that study in UK.from our humble opinion,it is not fair to judge the society surround her just because she is being alienated for being an "asian".as we know,there are thousands of Malaysian student that pursue their study abroad and they had proved to us that they can perform well without any disturbances.we believed,before they fly abroad,they were fully prepared with academic skills as well as social skills because they have to adapt with different our opinion fateyn's friend is being discriminated and bullied because of her own fault.toprevent herself from being discriminated,she has to adapt with their culture.this is because "culture" is an important keyword when we talk about globalisation.if she is not able to adapt with their culture,she will experience "culture shock".she has to improve her social and communication skills in order to adapt and make friend with other students.we believed if she has good social skills,she will not being discriminated and bullied anymore.its sad to hear this story.this our humble opinion and we hope u guys can accept it.thank you.
    -bachelor group- BBAF 2C

  7. Globalization has tremendously affected and impacted world in various different aspects:

    1. Industrial- it has provided the surface to the production market with an enhanced access to a wide variety of foreign products and therefore globalization has increased large number of customers for itself. This has helped in the movement of goods and materials between and within the national boundaries.

    2. Financial- Globalization has opened the way to procure external financing opportunities to the borrowers.

    3. Economic- the freedom of exchange of goods and capitals tells us that the markets are interrelated and any kind of economic collapse in one country could be manged by others.

    4. Political- the United States has come up with the supreme power in the era of globalization as it has strong and wealthy economy. Also in the recent decade the People’s Republic of China has skilled with great economic growth.

    5. Informational- flow of information from one part of the globe to another and even to the remote locations, through satellites, wireless communication or through internet.

    6. Competition- globalization has given birth to tremendous competition and has made the market an open place to excel with skills and quality.

    7. Ecological- the most neglected part after globalization; it is inadequately affected because of the climate changes that are occurring due to pollution made by the industrial set up. The areas around the industries are becoming slums and the waste released from the industries is affecting the flora and fauna of the domain. It is forcing the inhabitants to inhale polluted and obnoxious air which not only contains high of carbon-di-oxide but also contains methane, halogen gases and various other particulates responsible for altering the physiology of the inhabitants. Altered physiology becomes the leading cause of ill-health causing hypertension, diabetes and may lead to cancer can be as lethal to generate neonatal teratogenesis.

    8. Cultural- Cross-cultural contacts are the result of globalization. It has generated better understanding towards cultural diversity and has promoted travels and tourism to understand each other to a greater extent. This has enhanced greater consumer products at the same time it has generated a pseudo-cultural patterns.

    9. Social- due to globalization the social network of people is widening and people are able to understand each other in a better way howsoever distant geographically they may be.

    10. Technical- Any kind of technological advances can be communicated to other parts of the world and thus feedback to further enhance it can be procured.

    11. Legal or Ethical- the guidelines are laid down for any kind of legal issues; international criminal court and international justice movements.

    - by TRIO grouped (bbaf2d) -

  8. hi sir,

    from this topic we can assume that there's a lot of advantages and disadvantages that we can see. Here i state with some additional advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
    The first advantages is globalizations can increased free trade between nations and increased liquidity of capital allowing investors in developed nations to invest in developing nations. Moreover, corporotions also have greater flexibility to operate across boarders. In fact nowadays, global mass media can ties the world together. Futhermore, globalization has spread of democratic idelas to developed nastions yet come out woth greater interdependence of nation-states.

    Meanwhile, there's some disadvatages that we can see here too.For example increased flow of skilled and non-skilled jobs from developed to developing nations as corporations seek out the cheapest labor, increased likelihood of economic disruptions in one nation effecting all nations. Besides that, threat that control of world media by a handful of corporations will limit cultural expression, some more greater chance of reactions for globalization being violent in an attempt to preserve cultural heritage. Next globalization also can spread of a materialistic lifestyle and attitude that sees consumtion as the path to prosperity. Finally the greater risk of diseases being transported unintentinally betweens nations like sir have been said before about H1N1.....


  9. group RM4.00(BBAF2D)
    sir... we totally agree with ur opinion that globalizaton give some advantage and barriers to us.nowadays,the trader can expand their business internationally very fast by advertise and make business transaction by that they can get faster respond from their consumer over the world.this is advantage for the company to get more profit because more market,more profit they can get.furthermore they can reduce communication and advertisement cost.besides, the consumer have more choice to choose what the want to buy with cheaper price as the traders will compete each other to win their customer. however, there are some barriers of globalization such as taxes to bring the goods,nationality,distance and cost of travel.for example,the sales and services taxes will impose to any goods or services come from other country,and it will result the increase of price of the goods and services. actually, what we can conclude here is globalization is a positive development generating more trade hence welfare of the whole world..

  10. we totally agreed that globalization comes in many advantages and barriers. Globalization means increasing the interdependence, connectivity and integration on a global level with respect to the social, cultural, political, technological, economic and ecological levels.
    yes of course, the countries that u said have no borders. it is because developments in technology allow us to present in relation to other countries around the world without borders. globalization also allows us to expand business internationally. However, globalization also cause us to face various challenges such as cultural diversity, taste, currency and weather. economic fluctuations are also a large impact in developing the business in the international


  11. In our opinion, globalization has it’s own pros and cons…

    1st of all, economies of countries that engage well with the international economy have consistently grown much faster than those countries that try to protect themselves. Well managed open economies have grown at rates that are on average 2 ½ percentage points higher than the rate of growth in economies closed to the forces of globalization.

    Improved environmental awareness and accountability has contributed to positive environmental outcomes by encouraging the use of more efficient, less-polluting technologies and facilitating economies' imports of renewable substitutes for use in place of scarce domestic natural resources

    Improved technology has dramatically reduced costs and prices changing the way the world communicates, learns, does business and treats illnesses.

    Modern communications and the global spread of information have contributed to the toppling of undemocratic regimes and a growth in liberal democracies around the world.

    In the other side, there are social and economic costs to globalization. Trade liberalization rewards competitive industries and penalizes uncompetitive ones, and it requires participating countries to undertake economic restructuring and reform. While this will bring benefits in the long term, there are dislocation costs to grapple with in the immediate term, and the social costs for those affected are high.

    By: S.E.A (BBAF2C)

  12. I agree that globalization is the whole world. There are barriers so that people will know what they can do and what they can’t do in the foreign country. From the book that I have read, globalization can be described as an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies and culture have become integrated and interdependent into one another. Globalization may bring benefit and may also bring consequences to our country. Globalization also defined as ‘world without borders’. Between the countries, there are barriers that we need to pass through before we could get in to the country. If there are no barriers, so it will be easier for people to get in or visit the country that they decide to go. In business, globalization gives us benefits like increases in the mobility of people and goods as u said early. It helps local companies to increase their production of goods as they get many employees that come from various countries yet to earn higher profit because as we know that the salary for foreign labor is cheaper than local labor for non-professional worker.
    (BBAF 2C)

  13. hello sir..
    we are agreed on what you've said before.
    it is true that globalization bring benefits a country. but we do not realise that it also bring another side of effect to our life. although it may gain a company's profit,but it also will affect our life.

    first, this will lowering the quality of life in locations that have not adapted to the change. therefore,people that live around there will facing difficulties in life.

    second, it is about diseases. many people know that nowadays, there are many diseases that spreading out easily. people that come from an infected country will bring this diseases to another country. so, this will cause a problem to a country as the expertise there have to do research to find the cure.

    third, poorer countries suffering disadvantages.
    usually for poorer countries, their main export is agricultural goods. a larger country often subsidies its farmers.this will lowers the market price for the poor farmer's crops compared to what it would be.

    in our opinion,it is not that globalization only bring disadvantages to people and country. but we want people to realize that it may bring difficulties to another country that lack in facilities and technologies. sometimes, globalization look unfair to some country as they are forced to bear some unwanted effect.

    that's all we can say for this moment. we hope that our opinion can be accepted and used. thank you.

    ~wikey2~ (BBAF2C)

  14. Hello Sir..
    We agreed with you. Nowadays, everything has barriers. Even though we want to enter the public toilet we have to pay for RM0.20. It shows that nothing is easy to get something to appreciate oneself.
    But the other side, maybe there are some benefits of barriers. First, a country can earn income by collecting taxes. It also can help the local entrepreneur to get more profit. This is because when the government increase the tax, the price of the products also will increase. So, the local entrepreneurs will feel easy to survive without the outsider’s entrepreneurs around. Addition on that, barriers can avoid illegal’s product to enter the other market of country.
    That’s all..thank you..